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Penitential Rites In San Pedro Cutud, Pampanga During Holy Week

In the small San Pedro Cutud village, located in San Fernando City in Pampanga, the Malaldo (or Lenten) rites are the most famous penitential rites in the whole country. While Pampanga also hosts several other traditions throughout Holy Week, it is the penitential rites held in San Pedro Cutud which tops the holy activities. A […]

Lantern Capital in the Philippines

Many Filipinos travel from all over to purchase Christmas lanterns or parols in San Fernando, Pampanga . In fact, its not uncommon for people who live in Manila to travel to these areas in order to purchase these lanterns to display at their homes. Because parols in San Fernando, Pampanga is well known around the […]

The Annual Frog Festival Of San Fernando, Pampanga: A Uniquely Fun Experience

The annual Frog Festival, also called Piestang Tugak, is one of the most captivating events in San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s traditional festivities encourage events related to frogs which include culinary creations, activities, and entertainment. The streets of San Fernando are electrified with the thrill and excitement of the festival’s events. Tourists and locals alike will […]

Pampanga’s Sizzling Sisig Rules

Pampanga is where you will, fully satisfy your urge to feast on the ears, brains, crunchy bits of the brain and the liver of the pig. Sisig is considered the national pulutan by the Filipinos, which is translated as beer chow in English. It is a mix, usually flavoursome of portions of pork like the brains, […]