Lantern Capital in the Philippines

Many Filipinos travel from all over to purchase Christmas lanterns or parols in San Fernando, Pampanga . In fact, its not uncommon for people who live in Manila to travel to these areas in order to purchase these lanterns to display at their homes. Because parols in San Fernando, Pampanga is well known around the globe for this industry, its the ideal place to get these lanterns for the Christmas season. For those who are interested in buying their Christmas lanterns in San Fernando, Pampanga, there is some information that is important to know. So, here are six great reasons to seek out parols in Pampanga.

  1. Unlike the traditional lanterns, parols are popular for creating unique designs that look like angels, Christmas trees, huge flowers and other common holiday symbols. Their creative designs are great for people who like to spice up their Christmas decors, specifically for home owners that like to take their time to display shows that are amazing.
  1. Parols come with some of the most recent LED rope lights and electronic technologies, since they have incorporated a line that is better known as flexlight lanterns. These lights have been programmed to provide their buyers with a “dancing effect.” Which means, they are completely surpassing the traditional lantern options, and they can attract people in the neighborhood as well as others who travel by.
  1. Parol has passed these traditions from one generation to another. So, with your support, you can help with continuing a community holiday Christmas tradition that has not only been long standing.
  1. Your support can also assist in providing livelihood to the residents that live in this community. Even though you may not be a wholesale buyer who has the ability to purchase 20 sets of lanterns or more, you can purchase one piece so that your contributions will count. When you and your network patronizes this local community, you are also making it possible for this seasonal industry to thrive for many more years to come. In fact, most people may find making these purchases as one of the best ways to support these local businesses instead of purchasing imported lanterns from huge impersonal malls.
  1. It is also important to note that these lanterns will lasts for at least the next 2 years and longer. Especially, because parol makers in San Fernando are well known for taking pride in the work that they do. As a result, the unique craftsmanship is not only durable, but it can also be trusted.

For more information about San Fernando, Pampanga and their lanterns, you can access their website at Further, you may also want to seize a one of a kind opportunity to see the Giant Lantern Festival, which is annual event that has been sponsored to attract and entice both locals and foreign tourists. People who attend these festivals will not only have loads of fun with people all over the globe, they will also have a chance to view these customized lanterns to see which ones that they may like best.