The Annual Frog Festival Of San Fernando, Pampanga A Uniquely Fun Experience

The annual Frog Festival, also called Piestang Tugak, is one of the most captivating events in San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s traditional festivities encourage events related to frogs which include culinary creations, activities, and entertainment. The streets of San Fernando are electrified with the thrill and excitement of the festival’s events.

Tourists and locals alike will find this stimulating event to be one of the most unusual occasions in which to participate. Here are a few facts regarding the Frog Festival in San Fernando that are sure to stimulate your curiosity and have you planning to attend this surprisingly unexpected attraction.

  1. First held in 2003, the event was started by several recipients of the Most Outstanding Kapampangan award. Since the festivities were considered to be wildly popular, it has been going strong, annually, ever since.
  1. From its inception, the festival has devoted much of its attention to catching, preparing, and eating the frog – a delicacy in the province of Pampanga. However, the event has evolved into so much more. Now, in addition to catching and enjoying this treat, the day’s events pay homage to the fact that the frog is an important part of the area’s overall economy, culture, and way of life.
  1. Many traditionally favored activities are included year after year. The many tourists that flow through the city for the festival look forward to:
    • Street dancing;
    • Frog catching competition;
    • Local dishes such as stuffed and deep fried frog.
  1. The Kapampangan culinary traditions often include consuming frogs. Families all across the province maintain the tradition of catching frogs for both monetary gain and general consumption. The custom of catching frogs is termed paduasan in Pampanga, and is a part of life for many in the region.
  1. Pampanga is known as the culinary capital of the Philippines and, as such, frog dishes top the extensive list of recipes within the region. Locals strive to accentuate this tradition during the Frog Festival by showing off the best, most popular dishes containing this exotic delicacy.The most popular frog-based dish for locals, by far, is betute. This dish is made by stuffing the frog with minced pork that is flavored with a plethora of ingredients only found in the Pampanga area. Due to the inclusion of various indigenous ingrediants in the dishes, it is only possible to taste these culinary delights in Pampanga. No other place in the world will have the ability to create such delicacies.
  1. The streets of Pampanga are alive with excitement during the festival. Tourists are fiercely entertained with frog-themed attractions, games, and even a frog mascot. The organizers, in an effort to entertain visitors, have had to become more creative throughout the years and, therefore, have added elements of entertainment to occupy visitors and keep the events fresh and new.

All over the Philippines, annual festivals and carnivals are held in order to honor saints. However, Piestang Tugak, or the Frog Festival, was created to celebrate Pampanga’s love of the frog and showcase its culinary mastery and importance to the region. It’s an annual event that should not be missed. Who knows? Maybe you’ll try something new on your next visit.